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This page was originally written around 2002. United Devices, and the Think Project, has now been completely replaced with BOINC and the World Community Grid

Dear all,

some of you may have heard of the United Devices distributed computing system (or maybe not).

One of the toys available is a project, with Oxford university, to harness all the spare CPU cycles in desktop PCs to help find cures for cancer. Basically you download a weeny program that sits in the back of your PC's mind and does some sums when the PC's not being used. Every now and then it sends its results back to United Devices and Oxford Uni...

It's quite fun to use - you get to look at some nice pretty proteins and feel good about your PC doing something useful.

More info is at but if you're the impatient sort download the tool from (the second one on the list).

"But this has nothing to do with dancing Ian!..." just be patient young Skywalker.

One of the neat things you can do with this is join teams :-) So not only do you get an individual score, but you can see how well your team is doing against the rest of the world just for fun :-)

So I've created a Jive UK Chitchat team. Once you've registered just follow the link and join in :-)

This is perfect for those of us with cable modems who leave our PCs on all the time (Alan, Steve ;-) but those of you with ordinary dial-up modems can join in too.

Most of my family who have popped off have gone to cancer of one sort or another (so it's likely I'll go the same way) so doing this has been free, easy, and will do me no harm at all...





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