Ian Rogers with Katherine Fagence performing a Flying Catherine-Wheel at Beach Boogie Sept 2005 – I’ve joined the Southgate College Opera. Great fun, go buy tickets to see the show.

May 2004 – Two for two, Urban Metro win the 2004 Ceroc Championship.

October 2002 – The Jiveathon happened and it was fantastic. We raised more than £4,508.02 for charity!!!

July 2002 – I’m organising a sponsored Modern Jive and Swing marathon in aid of health research. Eeek!

May 2002 – I’ve written a paper explaining the Google PageRank algorithm which has caused quite a stir.

Feb 2002 – I’ve set up a Jive ChitChat team for the United Devices anti-cancer research program. Donate your PC’s spare CPU cycles to a good cause.

Nov 2001www.maillocate.com launched! I’ve recently finished my email change of address directory and free email search. Please visit it and let me know what you think.

May 2001 – I was part of the nationally acclaimed Aspects Jive team. There’s some great pictures here of our competition winning routine.

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Ian Rogers

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Pps. I’ve changed my email address: click ian.rogers@technologist.com for my current address.

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