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Ian Rogers with Katherine Fagence performing a Flying Catherine-Wheel at Beach Boogie Sept 2005 - I've joined the Southgate College Opera. Great fun, go buy tickets to see the show.

April 2005 - I've started a fussp site (Final and Ultimate Solution to the Spam Problem.

May 2004 - Two for two, Urban Metro win the 2004 Ceroc Championship.

October 2002 - The Jiveathon happened and it was fantastic. We raised more than £4,508.02 for charity!!!

July 2002 - Iím organising a sponsored Modern Jive and Swing marathon in aid of health research. Eeek!

May 2002 - Iíve written a paper explaining the Google PageRank algorithm which has caused quite a stir.

Feb 2002 - Iíve set up a Jive ChitChat team for the United Devices anti-cancer research program. Donate your PCís spare CPU cycles to a good cause.

Nov 2001 - www.maillocate.com launched! Iíve recently finished my email change of address directory and free email search. Please visit it and let me know what you think.

May 2001 - I was part of the nationally acclaimed Aspects  Jive team. There's some great pictures here of our competition winning routine.


Ian Rogers

P.s. hereís some of my favourite books (what else do you put on a personal website?):


Pps. Iíve changed my email address: click ian.rogers@technologist.com for my current address.

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