October 2007

Back in a previous life I was a Research Fellow in User Interface Design at Sussex University. At the time I remember being totally in awe of, and humbled by, the work of Randy Pausch on Virtual Reality on 5 dollars a day amongst other things and home much energy and enthusiasm that team had. So it's enourmously sad to learn that he has an untreatable form of cancer which will take his life in the next few months… But he recently gave a lecture on "How to achieve your childhood dreams" which should be an inspiration to all. Make sure you watch out for the "mind fake" at the end…

The previous two posts are from my old iprcom.com site. They were still getting hits from search engines so I guess they’re useful enough (to some people at least) to preserve.

I’ve now shut down my old IT Contracting and Services company IPR Computing Ltd. in order to concentrate on my new “email finder” business.